The true work of a leader is the internal work, the journey within oneself. A leader must take care of herself, love herself, and be in total ethical alignment with herself in order to lead.  These five totems represent the internal work of a leader:  the turtle, the dragon, the anchor, the butterfly, and the dove. I hope these images inspire you as you step up and into your own amazing brand of leadership.


Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

Leadership is a lifelong journey. The turtle, a symbol of longevity, offers four practices to maintain health while leading. Learn how these practices can support you, as a resilient leader.


The Influence of Story

The stories we have about ourselves came from a rich life experience. Some have been in service to us for a long time. Discover how to determine if your stories still serve and “how to train your dragon.”



Get clear on who you are and who you want to be in the world. Be anchored to your own truth, so that you may find your authentic voice and grow your leadership presence.


The Act of Transformation

The transformation process is the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly. It is about letting go of what is, in order to be open to what’s next. You cannot grab the brass ring if you are unable or unwilling to let go of the reins.


Spirituality, Free Will and Choice

To lead is to serve. A servant's heart sings of joy. Discover the power of choosing joy, and the beauty of leading with your heart. Explore practices that support your spiritual well-being and increase your capacity for joy.

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