Thrown Under the Bus – NO More!

I’m on a conference call to help a team sort out a project that was somewhat off-track. It started pretty normally, recap of the situation, description of perceived problem, and a request for help. Great – problem identified and help requested. Perfect. Then, what seemed to be out of nowhere, one of the senior team […]

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why not me 1

Why Not Me?

Just talked to a friend who is not getting promoted again. It’s about the third time in a row- and she’s at the end of her rope. Maybe I should say, she’s at the end of her hope. Pouring a glass of wine she said “why not me” and “what does he have that I […]

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JL Grace and Gratitude v4

A Month of Gratitude – Week 4

Nov 22 – Gratitude for elves. We all have elves in our lives. They show up when we need them and help accomplish tasks that require more hands, hearts, or energy than we have alone. All you have to do is be open to receiving their help, their gift, and it will arrive. For me: […]

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JL A Different You v4

Month of Gratitude – Week 3

Nov 15 – Gratitude for Sundays. Whether it’s Sunday-funday, a day of rest, family dinner, dedicated prayer/meditation/yoga time, sports mania or some other specialty – Sunday holds the opportunity for joy. Sunday is also the first day of the week. How you spend Sunday can set the tone for the 6 days that follow. For […]

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JL Who Looks Inside Dreams

A Month of Gratitude – Week 2

Nov 8 – gratitude for quiet. When all the noise goes away we are able to hear ourselves. For me- Grateful for quiet time this morning before the events of the day get going. What are you grateful for? ‪#‎atitudeofgratitude‪#‎lovetolead Nov 9 – gratitude for calendars. They remind us that every day is a new day […]

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JL FB AttitudeofGratitude

A Month of Gratitude – Week 1

Nov 1 – Welcome to November – the month of gratitude! An attitude of gratitude changes everything. I invite you to put it into practice and experience the joy. Each day I’ll post a gratitude muse. I’d love for you to comment and share your “grateful” via words, a picture, or whatever moves you. Nov […]

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