“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” – Deepak Chopra

Coaching Approach

My coaching approach focuses on overall wellness, and operates from the belief that each person can achieve whatever he/she dreams.  By offering a safe space to explore, our conversation becomes a powerful method for creating change.  By holding that space, I offer clients support as they are learning and challenge to stretch into new capabilities.  As capabilities are realized, they are employed in all aspects of clients’ lives to achieve both personal and professional goals.  In addition to focused conversation, I often request clients to engage in self-reflection, observation, and incorporating new practices to support growth.  To support leader development, 360 feedback and other leadership assessments can be incorporated into the overall coaching program.  Group and team coaching can also be incorporated if applicable.

Individual Coaching:  I offer individual clients coaching packages beginning at a 3-month engagement.  Coaching plans are individualized based on client goals, and incorporate the 5 Totems of Leadership.

Team Coaching:   I offer coaching packages for intact work teams, which can also include individual coaching for each leader, who is participating in the team coaching process.

Team coaching begins with intake and developing shared coaching goals.  Activities include: team diagnostics, individual assessments, ongoing workshops, tailored consulting and executive coaching, I partner with leaders to develop a stronger management team, improve overall workplace climate, and advance team performance from high to superior.

Consulting services support leaders in all stages of their processes,  from visioning, to planning, to implementation and beyond with evaluation and continuous improvement.   Consulting services are a powerful tool when your team is ready to leverage external expertise to achieve a goal or adopt new processes.

I bring nearly 20 years of consulting experience in change management, strategic communications, training, leadership development, organizational development, human capital management, business process improvement, and group facilitation.

My consulting practice includes a specialty in planning and facilitating organization change, including those driven by technology. I am experienced in building and leading teams to deploy these tactics over a program’s lifecycle to help clients accelerate program adoption.

When women work together amazing things happen.  Do you work with amazing women?  Are you an amazing woman?  Would you like to be inspired by other amazing women?  Having said “Yes!” to all of the above, I’ve designed programs to inspire women to Live. Love. Lead! in all aspects of their lives.

Stay tuned as new ways to engage in this important body of work are coming this Fall!

What makes it special

You do.

Each one of my clients is brilliant and soulful in his/her own way.  My work is about supporting your leadership journey, and partnering with you to bravely create and live into the life you imagine.

I do.

The Five Totems of Leadership are the guiding principles I have designed to guide leaders in their journey. Through reflection of my study and my own personal work, I created this framework.  I hope it serves you as it serves me.

Working Together

I believe we all enjoy more, achieve more, love more and live more fully when we open ourselves to being honest, vulnerable, and brave.  Together we can explore what makes your heart sing, and discover how you can use that passion to further develop your own personal brand of leadership, and inspire others.

Can’t you just see it?  I can!

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